Posted on Apr 13, 2013
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We have had the pleasure of working with Monika and her talented team at Makeup Worx several times over the past few years and must say she does indeed make brides and their girls look incredible!    We have watched many of our brides being transformed from pretty to absolutely stunning on the morning of their wedding day!  Monika believes that everyone has their own unique ‘best qualities’, be it sparkling eyes, strong cheek bones,  perfect lips or gorgeous skin, and she treats every face like a canvas, meticulously enhancing the already beautiful characteristics while blending and working her magic to cover any imperfections.  My favourite part is when she finally shows the brides their finished look in the mirror and they positively beam with self confidence and joy!  Makeup Worx also offers mobile hair services which means that the girls can all have their hair and make up done in the comfort of their own home or at a local hotel which alleviates a lot of stress and running around for the girls on the morning of the wedding day.   In the weeks, or sometimes months, leading up to the wedding day many of the brides and their bridesmaids will also meet with Ashley the infamous waxing guru at Makeup Worx in order to begin creating the perfect eye brow shape to truly enhance their overall look on their wedding day.  Of course Makeup Worx also offers facials, manicures, pedicures and so much more.

We love this promotional video we produced for Monika where she explains in detail the services offered at Makeup Worx.  You will find her via or simply call 905-966-5878.

A few images from Alicia and Matt’s wedding last summer…  Makeup Worx  + Love Madly  = Beautiful !


Posted on Apr 06, 2013

Over the past 5 years we have had the opportunity to learn so many unique things about capturing wedding stories.  We have had numerous conversations with fellow wedding professionals and many of our couples about ways to enhance the overall photo and cinema experience on such a memorable and important day.  We began to compile a list over a year ago of tips and advice for our couples and then this past winter we decided it would be best to put all of this valuable information into a booklet and include lots of our own photos and video screen grabs to really explain and support the points we were trying to relay.  We are so happy with the way this all came together and can’t wait to start sharing it with our upcoming 2013 couples and every new couple coming into the studio to meet with us for the first time.  We know that this will be a valuable resource and will definitely make a difference in capturing so many amazing memories!