Posted on Dec 26, 2017

There are many great reasons to plan a destination wedding. Perhaps you are wanting to travel to a beautiful, far off place and has always been on your bucket list – such as the Amalfi Coast or Positano Italy or a historic castle in Scotland. You may be sun chasers and want to plan your nuptials on a private beach in Turks and Caicos or a popular resort in Punta Cana. Regardless of your preference or reasons why, destination weddings can be completely personalized to meet your every need. There are incredible location options around the globe for elopements, where it’s just the couple, or weddings with over a hundred guests, and every backdrop will offer something completely different and unique.
Over the past ten years our team has had the privilege to capture many destination weddings. Muskoka is a popular location for couples planning from abroad who are looking for a rustic, romantic feel that is offered in resorts like JW Marriott and Deerhurst … Guests can then spend some time exploring nature in these scenic, lakeside resorts that also offer spa services and many local amenities. For those who prefer the Caribbean beaches there are amazing wedding planners at each resort who can help you with the smaller details and it’s also helpful to hire a local planner who can assist you with bringing your vision to life.
You can never go wrong when having a destination wedding with a scenic backdrop that is completely you. Whether it’s the mountains in Banff or a serene beach on a private island, we would love to capture your wedding story and create a photo collection and film of your truly unforgettable day. We’ve put together a short highlight of some of the incredible places we’ve travelled to so far.

Is a destination Wedding Right for you ?

Posted on Aug 11, 2015

Just a few short weeks before their intimate Muskoka wedding we received an email from Nicole and Duane to ask if by chance we were still available on July 2, 2015 to film and photograph their wedding story. I don’t think we’ve ever captured a Thursday wedding before, but being that the July 1st holiday (Canada Day) fell on a Wednesday this year, this was in fact the perfect day for their wedding celebration. What makes this so unique is that Nik and Duane live in Sydney, Australia which meant that planning out the details of their wedding would have to happen online and via skype. I must admit I was smitten from our very first skype call… who doesn’t love an Aussie accent, right? And they were both, so visibly, head over heels for one another and so excited for their wedding, that we knew this was going to be something very special. Indeed, it was an exceptionally beautiful day at Windermere House on July 2nd and although Nik’s family and many of their closest friends from Australia were not able to attend in person they did have a small group of Duane’s family and a few mutual friends who were able to join them. Nicole’s dearest friend Margie flew all the way from Australia and Duane’s youngest daughter India stood by Nik’s side and gave the most amazing toast at the luncheon reception. The combined simplicity and elegance of their wedding details as well as having Duane’s long-time friend Cary marry them, and Tobin Spring play beautiful acoustic music all afternoon, truly made this a memorable day for all. We are elated to share this highlight of their wedding story so that all of their friends and family can share in this celebration with Nik & Duane and experience the beauty of Muskoka (one of our very favourite places). Much love to this very special couple… thank you for choosing us to capture all of your precious wedding memories!

Soundtrack Infinity by One Hundred Years and Lifetime by Robert Shirey Kelly
Licensed from the Music bed

Cinematography & Photography by: Love Madly
Musicians: Tobin Spring
Venue: Windermere House
Location: Muskoka
Your Script engraving: UberKate
Rings: Belle Epoque Jewelers (Los Angeles) and Nicholas Haywood Jewellery (Sydney)
Personalised cuff links: UberKate
Flowers: succulent place names (succulents) and vintage accessories: Seasons in the Country 
Hair: Monica Hastings of Elements Salon & Color Studio
Makeup: Melanie McKenna, Muskoka Makeup Artistry
Dress: Still White
Cake: Cakes by Design

Posted on Aug 12, 2013

It’s an honour to be asked to capture each and every wedding story.  When Ollie Denny, a fellow cinematographer in the UK, asked me last fall if I would consider coming over to capture his wedding story it really meant a lot.

Rewind 4 years when we first met Joe Simon at a workshop in Austin, Texas for wedding cinematographers.  We were fans of Joe’s work prior to the workshop and after hearing him speak and then following his progression in filmmaking I attended another workshop he offered along with fellow filmmaker Kevin Shahinian in New York City in the spring of 2011.  Both Joe and Kevin are considered part of an elite group known in the filmmaking community as the ‘best of the best’ cinematographers in the world.  A few months later Joe asked me if I would fly to London and shoot a wedding with him and it was on that trip that I met Ollie, owner of Storybook Films based in the U.K..  Ollie helped Joe and I shoot that elaborate Persian wedding and since then we’ve stayed in touch.  18 months later, in May 2013,  I found myself back in England shooting Ollie’s wedding with Joe.   It was surreal to hear Ollie say that he had his “dream team” of cinematographers there on his big day.  It was definitely a beautiful wedding and capturing Ollie and his guys in the morning was definitely fun.  The opening sequence of the film brought me right back to that day, sitting in the back seat as we made a mad rush for the ceremony.   As with all of Joe’s films, when you watch this you really are taken right back to that moment, drawn into the story, whether you were actually there or not.  We are honoured to share Kerry and Ollie’s highlight film, produced by Joe Simon, here on our blog.


Kerry + Ollie’s Wedding FIlm from Joe Simon Films on Vimeo.

Posted on Mar 21, 2013

Ahhh, Debbie and Cormac! Just saying their names puts a huge grin on my face. We first met via telephone late last summer. Debbie had found us online and called me from Ireland to tell us all about the destination wedding she was planning for April 21st. She had met and fell in love with Cormac in Toronto when he was here working for a short time and they were now planning to return to her hometown to be married. I remember how excited Debbie sounded when she called, okay most brides are excited when they are planning their wedding, but she was exceptionally so. When we met with them just a couple of months ago in person we could see the fireworks between them firsthand. Their connection was definitely something special. Their love was evident. It made us feel good when Cormac left the table for a minute and Debbie leaned over to us and said “you’re seeing the real Cormac, he’s usually pretty reserved when he meets people for the first time, but he must really be comfortable with you guys.” We talked for a couple of hours and left feeling like good friends. When Saturday arrived Brian was up at 4 am to capture the sunrise as it lit up the Toronto Skyline. We knew that incorporating elements of the city into their wedding film would be especially important to Debbie as Ireland would now be her new home and she would no doubt miss this ‘home’ and her family and friends who live here. Their entire day was ahhh-mazing. All of the hours of hard work that Debbie spent on the planning and the numerous long distance calls, skype chats and emails were certainly worth it! We know these two are in NYC right now waiting to board the cruise liner and begin their honeymoon – we hope they can find some high speed internet and enjoy their highlights before they leave. Bon voyage friends…. hope to see you again soon!

New Earth by Canadian musical collective Zerbin
licensed through The Music Bed

I don’t even know where to begin when starting to share the story of Leah and Lorraine except to say that we were completely honoured to meet these incredible women and capture their wedding story. We first met via email over a year ago and a few weeks later we met for tea in Malibu, California. They drove up from their home in San Diego to chat with us about their upcoming destination wedding. We became instant friends! Over the next 12 months we met via Skype to keep up to date on their wedding planning. They had already done a lot of research in order to choose the perfect wedding location and fell completely in love with Juniper Hill Inn in Vermont. Yes, it was on the opposite side of the country! They wanted something quaint, beautiful and somewhat rustic. The Inn, located in Windsor, Vermont, was absolutely perfect! More that 50 guests came to celebrate with them from all across the country. Their family and friends treated Brian and I like family from the moment we arrived at the Welcome BBQ on Friday evening. We loved their personalized vows, all the little details that they had worked on themselves to add touches of their personalities and their beloved dogs to their special day, the quiet whispers between them and how their father-daughter dance turned into a big circle of immediate family members from both sides all joined together on the outdoor patio. There were so many amazing moments to capture. The Inn sits atop a mountain with the most breathtaking views. It was simply impossible to fit every amazing moment of their story into a 4 minute hightlight, but we think this piece really sums it up perfectly! Leah and Lorraine, we wish you so much love and a lifetime of happiness as Mrs. and Mrs. **Special thanks to Joelle of East Hill Events and Robert Dean, owner of Juniper Hill Inn, everything was fabulous and your dedication to perfection was evident in every single detail!

Fresh Snow by Moonlit Sailor and Candy by Merry Ellen Kirk
licensed from the music bed